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What’s a holon?

In the science-fantasy novel Brainwalker, Holons are the inhabitants of the Brainiverse, the Mindbrain universe. A Holon is a being, but it’s also  part of a larger being. So Holons are part of neurons, and neurons are parts of a brain, which is part of Bernard’s dad, which is part of a world. And this world is part of a galaxy, etc.

All levels influence each other. Our cells influence our life. We influence the life of the Earth. As for the Holons, they influence the life of our neurons. But it also goes the other way. Floyd (Bernard’s dad) influences his neurons, and the Holons who live inside it.

Even though the Holons from Intuit accept the idea that everything in their world is a part of something bigger, only the Telamons are fully aware of the holonic nature of the universe. And only they understand that wormholes are a path from one level of the holonic order to another.

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